Water rail

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The Water rail – Rallus aquaticus is a small/medium sized species of Type – marshfowl, Family Rallidae and Order Gruiformes. It lives in Wetlands across Eurasia and N Africa. In the AWB Region it is sporadically resident in the N Maghreb states, the Nile Delta region, Cyprus, Turkey, The South Caucasus, N, W and S Iran, Central and S Iraq, and the Dammam area of Saudi Arabia. It is a winter visitor to S and W Iran, E and S Iraq , Syria, The N Nile Valley and the Benghazi area of Libya.

Type - marshfowl - nests in reed beds close to the water,
Habitat - wetlands and marshes with mature dense vegetation, 

Order:  Gruiformes
Family: Rallidae
Genus:  Rallus

Species...Rallus aquaticus
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