Western Osprey

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The Western Osprey – Pandion haliaetus, is a large fish eating diurnal raptor of the Family Pandionidae and the Order Accipitriformes. It is widespread across most continents of the world, except Antarctica where it is absent and Australasia which has a closely related species, the Eastern Osprey. It is mostly migratory but in the AWB Region it is resident around most suitable coasts of Arabia and also the S coast of the Caspian Sea. In the S Caucasus it is a summer breeder. It is found as a winter visitor to S Iraq and the S coast of Iran. In Africa it is found wintering on all the coasts of the AWB countries and s s Africa except for Namibia.

Type - Fish eating diurnal Raptor - huge nest of sticks on pole or dead tree
Summer Habitat - large areas of fresh water, lakes. rivers, reservoirs, 
Winter Habitat - suitable coastal areas, estuaries, saltmarshes, coral reefs, 
Resident Habitat - suitable coastal areas, 

Order..: Falconiformes
Family.: Pandionidae
Genus..: Pandion

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