Western Osprey

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The Western Osprey – Pandion haliaetus, is a large fish eating species of Type – diurnal raptor of the Family Pandionidae and the Order Accipitriformes. It is widespread across most continents of the world, except Antarctica where it is absent and Australasia which has a closely related species, the Eastern Osprey. It is mostly migratory but in the AWB Region it is resident around most suitable coasts of Arabia and also the S coast of the Caspian Sea. In the S Caucasus it is a summer breeder. It is found as a winter visitor to S Iraq and the S coast of Iran. In Africa it is found wintering on all the coasts of the AWB countries and s s Africa except for Namibia.

Type - Fish eating diurnal Raptor - huge nest of sticks on pole or dead tree
Summer Habitat - large areas of fresh water, lakes. rivers, reservoirs, 
Winter Habitat - suitable coastal areas, estuaries, saltmarshes, coral reefs, 
Resident Habitat - suitable coastal areas, 

Order..: Falconiformes
Family.: Pandionidae
Genus..: Pandion

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