Western reef-heron

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The Western reef-heron – Egretta gularis is a mid-sized heron of the wading-bird Family Ardeidae and the Order Pelecaniformes. It is found on the tropical coastlines Africa, Arabia and the S coast of Iran to Gujarat. In the AWB Region it is resident along the coastlines of the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Gulf of Aden to the Horn of Africa and Socotra, S Somalia and the coastlines of the Red Sea. In the W it is resident from the S tip of Morocco to Senegal. In S Mali there is a small inland isolated migratory breeding population. Also there is a small resident population in the Comoros.

Type - wading-bird - colonial breeder,
Breeding Habitat - inland wetlands
Resident Habitat - coastal wetlands, mangroves. 

Order:   Pelecaniformes
Family:  Ardeidae
Genus:  Egretta

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