Western swamphen

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The Western swamphen – Porphyrio porphyrio or Purple swamphen is a large sized rail of Type – marshfowl, Family Rallidae and Order Gruiformes. It is resident around the coasts of the western Mediterranean. In the AWB Region it is resident on the Mediterranean coasts of the N Maghreb states.

Type - marshfowl - nests communally, 
Habitat - freshwater wetlands, lakes, swamps, with plenty of mature reeds and rushes around the edges, wet pastures, 

Order:	Gruiformes
Family:	Rallidae
Genus:	Porphyrio

Species -	Porphyrio porphyrio
Western swamphen - https://ebird.org/species/purswa1
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Western swamphen - Sounds & Maps - xeno-canto.org

Additional Material...
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