White-faced storm-petrel

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The White-faced storm-petrel – Pelagodroma marina is a small marine species of Type – seabird, Family Oceanitidae and the Order Procellariiformes. It is typically a Southern Oceans pelagic species but does have a population breeding in the islands of the NE Atlantic, which becomes pelagic in the NE Atlantic outside of the breeding season. In the AWB Region there are two areas where these wintering areas are close to AWB countries. The first as noted above are the Atlantic coasts of Mauritania, Western Sahara and Morocco, and the second is in the NW Indian Ocean, off the coasts of Somalia, Socotra, Yemen and Oman.

Type - seabird - colonial, nocturnal breeder, in rock crevices, or burrows,  
Breeding Habitat - remote islands, typically in the Southern Oceans,
Winter Habitat - pelagic, 

Order:	Procellariiformes
Family:	Oceanitidae
Genus:	Pelagodroma

Species -	Pelagodroma marina
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