White stork

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The White stork – Ciconia ciconia is a very large migratory species of Type – wadingbird of the Stork family Ciconiidae and of the Order Ciconiiformes. It has two populations, the majority one, is found across Europe and W Asia and a separate smaller one which is a summer breeder to Central Asia and migrates to India. The Eurasian population migrates to sub Saharan Africa from the Sahel states southwards where it largely avoids heavily forested regions, Somalia and the Namib Desert. It also has a relatively small resident population in S Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder in Turkey, the S Caucasus, W Iran, Syria, Iraq, Central Levant and the coastal areas of the Maghreb states. On migration it uses both the Atlantic Coastal Flyway and the Levant/Red Sea Flyway.

Type - wadingbird - huge nests on roof tops, platforms, old trees, 
Summer Habitat - open grassy, often wet meadows, farmland, shallow wetlands. 
Winter Habitat - seasonally flooded grasslands, avoids long grass and shrubby areas, 

Order:   Ciconiiformes
Family:  Ciconiidae
Genus:  Ciconia

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