Zino’s petrel

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Zino’s petrel – Pterodroma madeira – is a small resident N Atlantic petrel of Type – seabird, Family Procellariidae and Order Procellariiformes. It is Endemic to the N Atlantic island of Madeira, but its status is now threatened and it is classified as Endangered. In the AWB Region it is found in the offshore waters of Morocco, where it breeds nocturnally only in burrows on a few ledges in the high mountains of central Madeira, where its evocative call can be heard at night.

Type - seabird - nests in burrows high in the mountains of Madeira, 
Summer Habitat - restricted to waters surrounding Madeira, 
Winter Habitat - more widely pelagic in the N Atlantic, 

Order:	Procellariiformes
Family:	Procellariidae
Genus:	Pterodroma

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