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Sir Peter Scott
“We shan’t save all we would like to, but we shall save a great
deal more than if we had never tried”

Remember to Check out below – Important Contemporary Issues – Famine in Horn of Africa

Welcome to this ArabWorldBirds website, which is attempting to eventually cover and bring together on line an introduction to all ornithological and birding matters relating to the whole Arab World, (plus a few adjacent regions to fill in the gaps) to complete the full ornithological picture across Northern Africa, from The Atlantic to The Horn of Africa, The Middle East to Iran, The South Caucasus, and The Arabian Peninsular. The only remaining outlying region is The Comoros Islands. It is an ambitious long term project that is taking some time bring together into a coherent scheme, thank you for your patience.

LATEST UPDATES – All GCC, Maghreb, Mediterranean, the Levant, and Arab Arabian Peninsular countries species lists, have now been done. I am pleased to announce that further intermediate progress has also been achieved, with more than 1260 species cards, on the AWB Species page– link, that have now been completed, including the full Species Lists for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, UAE, Oman, KSA, Yemen, Socotra, Comoros Iraq Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, and all the Levant states of Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. – please check them out… In addition big improvements have been made with the Categories search tool, to extend its usefulness in species and family searches, also as a further aid to finding species. I have also started to introduce links to the Species Cards, using the new alternative names that are continuously being introduced, and existing old traditional names, this I think, will be a useful function for the Categories search tool to link to existing and historical published books to get over the confusion caused by the never ending name changes that are ongoing.

As far as I am aware, this is the first attempt to co-ordinate the ornithology of all the countries in the Arab World into one region, at the moment it is covered by a number of different organisations but the two primary scientific ones which cover parts of The AWB Region are:-

1 The African Bird Club……. for all the Arab Countries in Africa
2 The Ornithological Society of The Middle East……. for The Middle East, The Arabian Peninsular, Iran and Central Asia.

Anyone interested in Arab World Birds are encouraged to join these societies.

In addition there are now various active blogs covering countries or smaller regions within the main AWB AREA, links to these sites can be found on the relevant Country Profile Pages.

Arab World Birds – Site Layout

All main menus are established and all Country Profiles have now been updated to provide comprehensive information for all EBA’s, IBA’s and Marine IBA’s within the AWB Region.
All the Country Profiles have been revised and updated again to include extensive Multimedia links to the new Multimedia Checklists for each country and an additional AWB menu has now been added to give easier access to the many different Country Checklists with extensive additional species information links that have also been added.
The REGION MAP menu now has the essential information on the Country Profiles for all the Arab Countries in the AWB Region, in both Africa and the Middle East Regions.
The REGIONAL TOPICS menu has started will a few items of regional interest.
The BASICS menu has links to help brush up your basic birding skills.
The TAXONOMY menu has been started to give an introduction to this complex subject.
The AWB menu has been added to give convenient links to Country Checklists and additional extensive Species Information.
The DESERTS menu gives a comprehensive introduction to the Deserts of the AWB Region.
The MIGRATION menu has started with many links and explanations to the various Flyways that cross the AWB Region
The CONSERVATION menu gives introductions to some of the important organisations that are dedicated to helping preserve birds and their habitats in the AWB Region to the enrichment of all human life and environments.
The NEWS menu gives several links to continuously updated NEWS reports on current bird and conservation matters within the AWB Region from a number of international conservation bodies. Some of these are also available
from the “Continuously Updated News Sources” heading below.

NEW Added Feature

The most important new feature, that is now in progress, is the addition of individual Species Accounts of the birds that regularly occur in the AWB Region. Starting with the Accipitridae Family all species will eventually be included on the AWB menu. As noted above, a significant number of Species-cards for none-passerine species on the AWB page has now been achieved, also two new categories have been introduced, Accidentals and Vagrants, which clarify the treatment of these concepts.

Continuously Updated News Sources

As a convenience to our readers we give immediate access to a selection of breaking news sources concerning Conservation and AWB bird stories on our home page here, by clicking on any of the links listed below:-

Conservation News & Stories – WWF … Many continuously updated news items
News Articles: Convention on Migratory Species – CMS … Regularly updated news items in several languages
UNEP News Centre…UN Environment Program news centre.
IUCN Home…International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
IUCN Red List News… News about endangered species.
The Sound Approach – understanding bird sound
BirdLife News…The Worlds Largest Conservation Partnership.

Important Contemporary Issues

Why Bison Grazing Could Be Good For The Planet-BBC
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Global Warming Tragedy - The National
COP15 - Nations seal deal to protect Nature-BBC
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Climate Change Review - Summary Gov.uk
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World Oceans Day - unep.org
New Ocean Recognised by National Geographic
Why Wetlands Matter - wetlands.org
Global Big Day - 8 May 2021
UAE Releases 86 Falcons into Kazakhstan skies
A HEALTHY PLANET Should be a Human Right - Birdlife
Wildlife in Catastrophic Decline - WWF -BBC
Mangrove conservation video - NASA
Black wind turbine blade can cut bird deaths- BBC
Red Alert - RSPB
Bird Tracking - a Master Class - BTO
'Hotspot Hero' for inspirational conservation work - Birdlife
Abu Dhabi trains squads of birds to pick up litter in Parks 
Birdlife Case Study - The Jordan Valley nature conservation 
Abu Dhabi saves rare duck from extinction 
Houbara claws it's way back from the brink of extinction 
Evolution of the House Sparrow 
Want to save sea birds? - Then Follow Them! 
Saving Red-billed Tropic Birds 
Climate Change - Arctic no longer safe for breeding birds 
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands 2 - Dubai - October 2018 
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands - Dubai, October 2018 Conservation of the Northern Bald Ibis - bbc.com 
How birds survived an asteroid strike 
Socotra Cyclone Mekunu Damage 
Parakeet Range Extension  
Reducing poisoning pressures on Scavengers and Waterbirds
Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper  
Accompanied Swan Migration World Migratory Bird Day 
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White Storks changing their Migration Patterns 
World is failing to protect it's Migratory Birds 
Africa's Vultures sliding towards extinction!!! 
Widespread Lead Poisoning to birds 
Are humans Uinique? 
Garden bird survey aims to solve Goldfinch mystery  
More potential UK Extinctions 
Iliegal Bird Killing in the Mediterranean Region - birdlife.org... This
 has become everybody's problem... 
Bald Ibis Conservation Project - bbc.co.uk... Morocco has the largest
 surviving population in the wild. 
Record Breaking Number of Europeans Call on Governments to Protect Nature  
What is the point of Conservation? - bbc.com - An indepth Analysis
 to an important pressing problem

Exceptional Birds

Steppe Whimbrel sighted in UAE
The Wandering Albatross strikes back
Intelligent Crows
Fox catches rabbit, then eagle swoops in...
Osprey fishing 
Penguin and Man
Fossil Birds and Sea Monsters
New species of Himalayan Thrush discovered... 
When love is better than food 
This article refers to the Chestnut-crowned Babbler from Australia, but perhaps this could also be true for The Arabian Babbler native to the AWB Region?
Eagle with camera flies from Dubai Skyscraper (The Tallest Building in the World) ...For a quick glimpse into an eagle's eye view check out this outstanding video...
Vultures: Natures Rubbish Collectors - bbc.com...Public Servants who never go on strike
Egypt signs landmark Agreement to Save Migratory Birds
Protecting Migratory Birds in the Mediterrranean 
Global protection of Migratory Birds - CMS 
Second Meeting of African-Eurasian migratory-landbirds working group 
Don't forget to check out your favourite bird's migration pattern on our Migration Hotspots page
and investigate or even get involved with the well established Cuckoo Tracking Project of the BTO  check the Tracking Map right here.
Tracking Bird Migration by satellite is now much more extensive, and many more projects can now be found by searching online, maybe you can find some more information about your favourite bird's whereabouts when it migrates away from your home area. Good Luck...