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Important Contemporary Issues

Global Migratory Bird Conservation
Major Conservation Factors in Africa –
Record Breaking Number of Europeans Call on Governments to Protect Nature
What is the point of Conservation? – – An indepth Analysis
Sri Lanka saves all its Mangroves –
Migratory Bird Day
The Future of Humanity Depends on Wetlands – birdlife
North West Indian Ocean – cms

Conservation Introduction

Conservation of the purity and health of our natural environment and all the wildlife within it is the concern of everyone of us, at AWB our natural focus is on birds, which are an excellent talisman of an environment in good condition. The following is a selection of links that give an introduction to some of the organisations which are dedicated to helping preserve birds within and around the AWB Region. Because birds are so readily mobile it is essential to remember to preserve their natural environment everywhere they may occur, not just within our own artificial country boundary. It is only a small selection, but gives a sound introduction to a wide ranging array of Conservation Organisations. From a personal perspective an easy way to remember about Conservation is the 3 B’s – Birds, Butterflies and Bees, these three species are sensitive markers of the State of Our Environment, anything that helps these species, helps us to ensure that we, our children and our grandchildren all live in a safe sustainable healthy environment. An excellent book by IUCN, which graphically explains the current situation can be viewed online here as SOS Save our Species., or obtained as a free print copy.


Expresses the case for Conservation very eloquently.
Conservation –


For saving threatened birds and their habitats across the AWB Region and the whole World
Birdlife International


Although based out of the UK this site covers more than 580 species within Western Europe, most of which occur wthin the AWB Region.
British Trust for Ornithology – BTO


A further conservation site based around protecting the wetlands in the Mediterranean Basin
Tour du Valat
A very powerful quotation displayed prominently on their home page and worth quoting again here is;-
“Healthy development can not take place in an environment where nature is suffering. The only way that wetlands can be preserved is by reconciling human activities and natural patrimony”


A dynamic agency within our AWB Region is…
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi


A European Agency with world-wide projects…
European Outdoor Conservation Association – EOCA


Global Environment Facility – … Sub-Regional Workshop for the Middle East, North Africa and West Asia.


Wetlands International … Wetlands for water and life, sustaining and restoring wetlands around the World.


The International Fund for Houbara Conservation
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust – WWT
Speaking out for Raptor Conservation Everywhere
International Crane Foundation


Threatened Bee extinctions…Improved Environmental Conservation Practices are urgently needed.

The Wandering Albatross strikes back... The Albatrosses who catch pirates on the high seas.