There are two main scientific societies that together cover the AWB Region and beyond as well as the major world wide international Partnership for Conservation, for details see below.

The African Bird Club…For the countries in Africa.

OSME…For the Middle East and Arabia there is The Ornithological Society of the Middle East

BirdLife International …For saving threatened birds and their habitats across the AWB Region and the whole World

BirdLife International, an international partnership of independent societies dedicated to Worldwide Conservation, is responsible for creating the critically important concept of IBA’s (Important Bird Areas), whereby essential staging posts along the whole migration routes of birds are protected so that there are no breaks in the chain of stopover points along their Migration Flyways.


Country Societies

Country based societies and blogs are to be found on the Country Profile Sheets. Reviewing these it is clear that only a few countries in the AWB Region appear to have an official Bird Records Committee, there is obviously ample scope within these countries for this to take place.