East Atlantic Flyway

East Atlantic Flyway

The East Atlantic Flyway is the most western flyway in the AWB Region and within the Arctic Circle extends from the islands west of Greeenland to east of the Taymyr Peninsular in Arctic Central Siberia, but narrows very quickly south of the Arctic Circle to extend through the coastal ares of Western Europe and down the whole Western Seaboard of Africa to its southern tip.
Some Key Sites along the flyway can be viewed here, and also further down on this page.

Within Europe the East Atlantic Flyway is studied by the Atlantic Flyway Network which is a group of partners from France and Spain who work together on avian study projects.

The Wadden Sea, shared between Denmark, Germany and Holland is the most important staging post in Europe along the East Atlantic Flyway and is of crucial importance for migrating waterbirds. This has led to the development of The Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative: on behalf of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and eventually to the the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site of Outstanding Universal Value. The initiative links the Wadden Sea with other critical sites along the East Atlantic Flyway.

Site use by dark-bellied Brent Geese
Grant for Conservation of the East Atlantic Flyway
Two Projects and Key Partnerships already underway – waddensea-worldheritage.org
The International Wader Study Group is the definitive database of all schemes for waders in the East Atlantic Flyway.
Afro-Siberian Bar-tailed Godwits on inland coastal meadows during spring migration.
WWF’s NE Atlantic Programme
Population trends for coastal migratory waterbirds – waddenacademie.nl
Birds of the Wadden Sea – vogeltrekstation.nl
Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative WSFI – unep-aewa.org
Wadden Sea under threat – birdwatch.co.uk
Wadden Sea Conservation – nabu.de
Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative WSFI – waddensea-secretariat.org


Some Key East Atlantic Flyway Stopovers

Sakha-Yakutia -The Biggest Gift of All – wwf

Wadden Sea Flyway Workshop – unep-aewa.org

Coto Donana

Merja Zerga Nature Preserve – journeybeyondtravel.com

Banc d’Arguin – Mauritania – africannaturalheritage.com

Saloum Delta National Park – iberianature.com

Orange River Mouth Wetlands – birdlife.org

South African West Coast Wetlands – south-north.co.za