Ringing & Tracking

The basis of Migration Studies is the information gained from Ringing and more recently Tracking experiments. Bird Ringing is the traditional method and has given a lot of information. More information can be found below.
From a Western Palearctic perspective we have:-


The BTO for information about the BTO Ringing Scheme
Natural History Museum bird ring recoveries for what to do if you find a bird with a ring
The British Museum bird ringing information – also has an Arabic Site
New Pan European Bird Sightings Project
Euring Co-ordinating Bird Ringing throughout Europe


RSPB Satellite Tracking – For tracking Northern Bald Ibis in the AWB Region
Traking by Satellite solves bird migration riddles
BTO Video satellite tracking
BTO Cuckoo Tracking Data
Raptor Research – Satellite Tracking of Birds

Migration Blogs

BTO Demog Blogspot The BTO bird ringing blogspot
BTO Bird Migration Blogspot for uptodate and historical information on Western Palearctic Migrants
Migrant Birds in Africa covering the AWB Region