Chad Country Profile

*** Geography/Info
Chad encyclopedia
Chad Wikipedia
Chad geography


*** Climate/Environment
Chad Climate


*** Biogeography/Ecoregions/Habitats
Ecoregions of Chad


*** Bird Lists
A – Links with extensive additional Species Information
Birds of Chad – avibase
Birds of Chad –
Chad Birds – wikipedia

B – Links with less extensive Species Information
Chad Birds-WICE … with easy printout option
Checklist Chad – ibc … with extensive species multimedia


*** Endemics / EBA’s / Key Species
There are no endemic birds or EBA’s in Chad – birdlife
Chad Endemics
Many species migrate each year to the Lake Chad region, to join birds which are resident there year round.
Notable species include:-
Ground hornbill
Marabou Stork
Pink backed Pelican
African Spoonbill
Nubian Bustard
River Prinia


*** Endangered Species
Endangered Species in Chad


*** Photos / Videos / Sounds
Birds on Lake Chad
Chad Bird Migration
No videos filmed in Chad have yet been located but further information can be found below …
Multimedia Chad – ibc … with extensive species multimedia


*** Birding
Chad – Birdlife…Includes a detailed list of the best birding sites in Chad.
Chad – fatbirder
Chad – birdingpal
Chad – Hotspots
Explore Species Data –… Enter your chosen location into the “Explore a Region” link.


*** Migration
Chad Migration
SEEN… SE European Bird Migration Network.


*** Conservation
Conservation in Chad


*** Parks / Reserves / IBA’s
List of Chad IBA’s – birdlife
National Parks of Chad
Chad Reserves
Zakouma National Park


*** Wetlands/Ramsar Sites
Lake Chad
Lake Chad Details


*** Marine
Chad is a land-locked country so it has no marine reserves.


*** Projects
Chad Projects
Satellite Tracking of cuckoos
Eleonora Falcon


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Current Issues


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Cuckoos in Chad


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Geography & Wildlife


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Health Requirements – Chad


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Chad visit report


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No working links to Chad Birding Trip Reports have yet been located.


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Aquatic Warbler


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