Djibouti Country Profile

*** Geography / Info
Djibouti –
Geography of Djibouti – Wikipedia
Djibouti –
Djibouti is a time zone


*** Climate / Environment
Djibouti Climate
Djibouti weather


*** Biogeography / Ecoregions / Habitats


*** Bird Lists
A – Links with extensive additional Species Information
Djibouti Birds – avibase
Djibouti –
Birds of Djibouti – Wikipedia

B – Links with less extensive Species Information
Checklist Djibouti – ibc … with extensive Species Multimedia


*** Endemics / EBA’s / Key Species
The Djibouti Francolin is the only endemic bird in the country and there is one EBA
Djibouti Francolin – birdlife
Djibouti Francolin – flickr
Djibouti Francolin –


*** Endangered Species
Djibouti Francolin Conservation


*** Photos / Videos / Sounds
birds Djibouti
photos –
No suitable in Region videos have so far been located but check below for further information
Multimedia Djibouti – ibc … with extensive Species Multimedia


*** Birding
Djibouti birding –
Djibouti Hotspots
Djibouti – ABC
Djibouti – IBC
Djibouti – travelersroost
Explore Species Data –… Enter your chosen location into the “Explore a Region” link.


*** Migration
Djibouti lies on a very important MIGRATORY FLYWAY, The Red Sea – Rift Valley Flyway, it is particularly important for soaring birds…
Birdlife International Africa Partnership
The Red Sea – Rift Valley Flyway


*** Conservation / Biodiversity
Djibouti Conservation
Zoos support conservation


*** Reserves / IBA’s / Parks
List of Djibouti IBA’s – birdlife
National parks and reserves in Djibouti
Day Forest National Park
Day Forest National Park – Wikipedia
Images of Day Forest National Park


*** Wetlands / Ramsar Sites
Lake Assal
Lake Abhe
Images of Lake Abhe


*** Marine Reserves / IBA’s
Djibouti Marine IBA – birdlife
Nesting status of some seabirds


*** Projects
Environmental Policy


*** Issues
UN Appeal
Sustainable Tourism Route


*** Societies / Blogs
The Walther Family Blog… A general blog out of Djibouti with some birding content.
Djibuti – Nature… in partnership with BirdLife International


*** Wildlife
Wildlife of Djibouti


*** Health
traveler’s Health – Djibouti


*** Travel
Djibouti Tour
Djibouti Tour – birdquest
Highlights of Djibouti


*** Trip Reports
Trip Report 1998


*** Papers
Djibouti Biodiversity


*** Books
Birds of the horn of Africa
Encyclopedia of Life