Sudan Country Profile

AS A GENERAL NOTE: be aware that at present almost all links to ‘Sudan’ on the www still refer to the old pre-breakup ‘Sudan’ country and not to the present ‘North’ and ‘South’ countries, so care needs to be taken in assessing any statistics that are obtained.

*** Geography / Info
Geography of Sudan –
Geography of Sudan –
Sudan Guide –


*** Climate / Environment
Climate Sudan –


*** Biogeography / Ecoregions / Habitats
List of Ecoregions in Sudan –
Ethiopian Montane Forests – wwf
Red Sea Coastal Desert


*** Bird Lists
As far as can be determined, at the moment only ABC, Avibase and Wikipedia have updated their checklists to the current
post breakup two country system, as well as ibc for their multimedia checklist.
Birds of Sudan – ABC
For for further additional Species Information…
Checklist Sudan – avibase
Birds of the Sudan –
Sudan Multimedia Checklist – ibc


*** Endemics / EBA’s / Key Species / Endangered Species
There are no endemic bird species in Sudan but there is one EBA
Two near endemics are outlined below…
Cinnamon Weaver –
Red Sea Swallow –
Species – ABC
Sudan Golden Sparrow – birdguides


*** Photos / Videos / Sounds
Bird Photos Sudan –
Soaring Birds of Prey: Khartoum –
Shoebill fact file –
Sudan Multimedia Checklist – ibc with extensive Multimedia links


*** Birding
Sudan Introduction – ABC
Sudan News – ABC
Sudan Hotspots –
Explore Species Data –


*** Migration
Sociable Lapwings Tracked to Sudan –
From Tregarron to Sudan – cuckoo migration – Ceredigion Birds
Juvenile Egyptian Vulture –
Northern Wheatear Migration –


*** Conservation / Biodiversity
State of the Environment in Sudan –
Sudan Wildlife Response Profile –


*** Reserves / Parks / IBA’s
List of Sudan IBA’s –
Paper on Sudan IBA’s –
Sudan Parks Resrves… –
Sudan –
Dinder National Park Sudan – safarinotes


*** Wetlands / Ramsar Sites
Waterbirds around the Wold –
Dinder National Park –


*** Marine Reserves / IBA’s
List of Sudan Marine IBA’s –
Proposed Marine Protected Area –
Mukawwar Nature Reserve –


*** Projects
News –
HSC in Bird Biology – …A home study course in bird biology.


*** Issues
A Death Trap for Egyptian Vultures –


*** Societies / Blogs
Sudanese Birders –
Birding Sudan –


*** Wildlife
Wildlife Sudan – safarinotes


*** Health
Sudan Health


*** Travel / Trips
Sudan –


*** Trip Reports
Khartoum Trip Report 2006 – club300


*** Papers
10 Huge Discoveries –


*** Books
Distribution Atlas of Sudan’s Birds with notes on Habitat and Status
Birds of the Sudan: their identification and distribution