Eurasian crag-martin

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Eurasian crag-martin – Ptyonoprogne rupestris – is a mid-sized migratory Eurasian martin of Type – aerialist, Family Hirundinidae and Order Passeriformes. The W European populations are largely Resident but in E Europe and Asia they are largely migratory. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to E Turkey, S Caucasus, Iran and SW Yemen. It winters in coastal Mauritania and the Nile Valley from the Delta to the source of the Blue Nile in the Ethiopian Highlands. There are Resident populations across most of Turkey, Cyprus, N Syria, N Iraq, S Levant, W KSA, N central Libya and the N Maghreb states.

Type - aerialist - nests sheltered by overhangs, 
Typical Habitat - traditionally mountain cliffs, but now buildings, bridges and other man made structures, 

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Hirundinidae
Genus:	Ptyonoprogne

Species -	Ptyonoprogne rupestris
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