Eurasian siskin

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Eurasian siskin – Spinus spinus – is a small migratory/resident Eurasian passerine of Type – granivore, Family Fringillidae and Order Passeriformes. It is found very widely over Temperate Eurasia in Western and Eastern populations, The Eastern population winters in SE Asia and the Western population is a summer breeder in the NE of its range, becomes resident in the W and Central areas, and is a winter visitor around the Mediterranean basin and SW Asia. In the AWB Region it is resident across N Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and NW Iran. It winters in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Central Iraq, W Turkey, Cyprus, S Levant, the Nile Delta, and the N Maghreb states.

Type - granivore - flocks in winter,
Typical  Habitat - forested areas of mixed or coniferous woodlands, parks, gardens, 

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Fringillidae
Genus:	Spinus

Species - Spinus spinus
Eurasian siskin - Species -
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Eurasian siskin - Species -
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