Phylloscopidae – Leaf-warblers+

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Phylloscopidae – Leaf-warblers+ is a Family of smallish warblers of Type – insectivore, and Order Passeriformes. Due to inconsistencies in the local naming of species, (see Card Warblers+) there arises a need for clarity (within the choice software) to have a consistent naming within each Family, therefor in Phylloscopidae, a plain warbler will be classified according to its Genus, (see the search box) and all species in the Family Phylloscopidae will classified as warbler3, also, if necessary according to its particular sub-family name. See below for clarification. At the moment all members of Family Phylloscopidae are of Genus Phylloscopus.

Phylloscopidae - Leaf-warblers+ contains the following categories...
                                                      warbler Phylloscopus  

A quick look at some Leaf-warblers

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