Common Kingfisher

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Common kingfisher – Alcedo atthis – is a small Kingfisher of Type – sallyer, the Family Alcedinidae, and the Order Coraciiformes. It is widespread across the whole of Eurasia. It is resident in Temperate western Europe, parts of the coastal Maghreb, northern parts of Turkey and Iran, and the mainland Oriental Region, elsewhere it is a summer visitor to more northern regions, and winters across North African, The Levant and Arabian Gulf coasts.

Type sallyer - 
Summer Habitat - well vegetated banks of lakes and slow mature rivers, with overhanging trees, 
Winter Habitat - northern Middle East coastal areas, 

Order..: Coraciiformes
Family.: Alcedinidae
Genus..: Alcedo

Species - Alcedo atthis
Common Kingfisher - Species -
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Common Kingfisher - Species Sheet -
Common Kingfisher - Range and Calls -
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