Alcedinidae – Kingfishers+

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Order: Coraciiformes, Family: Alcedinidae, English Family: Kingfishers

Kingfishers are small to medium-sized birds with large heads, long pointed bills, short legs and stubby tails. They are found worldwide, but mostly within Tropical Regions, and are currently classed into three sub-family groups which are given below.

Sub-families -  Alcedininae - River kingfishers 
                       Halcyoninae - Tree kingfishers
                            Cerylinae - Water kingfishers

Kingfishers are of Type - Sallyer - ie they find a prominent perch overlooking their feeding ground from which they sweep down (sally forth) to catch their prey (hence their Type) and to which they return frequently, until they move on to somewhere else.
Some of the Kingfishers present in the AWB Region are listed below:-

African pygmy kingfisher - Ispidina picta
Blue-breasted kingfisher - Halcyon malimbica
Common kingfisher - Alcedo atthis
Giant kingfisher - Megaceryle maximus
Grey-headed kingfisher - Halcyon leucocephala
Malachite kingfisher - Corythornis cristatus
Pied kingfisher - Ceryle rudis
Striped kingfisher - Halcyon chelicuti
Woodland kingfisher - Halcyon senegalensis

For an introduction to the Kingfisher Family see below
A short look at 10 Kingfishers of the world
Alcedinidae - Kingfishers+ contains the following categories...


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