Common ostrich

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The Common Ostrich – Struthio camelus, is one of the two species of ostrich currently recognized, the other being the Somali Ostrich – Struthio molybdophanes, which has been recognized as a separate species only since 2014. They are very large flightless Landbirds and are members of the genus Struthio which is in the Ostrich Family Struthionidae and the Order Struthioniformes. Today its range is much reduced but is resident across the Sahel Savannas and semi deserts with a southerly extension through S Sudan into E Africa down to Tanzania. There is a separate population in southern Africa extending right down to the Cape.

Order..: Stuthioniformes
Family.: Struthionidae
Genus..: Struthio

Species - Struthio camelus
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