Common wood-pigeon

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The Common wood-pigeon – Columba palumbus is a large member of the Columbidae family. It is widespread across W Eurasia. In the AWB Region it is thinly dispersed across suitable habitats. It is a summer breeder across N Turkey, the S Caucasus, N Iraq, and N & W Iran down to Kuwait. There are resident populations across the Maghreb states, Turkey, Cyprus, The central valleys of Iraq, and small isolated areas in The Hormuz Straights and N Oman. The main wintering areas are in The Maghreb states, and the Aegean, Bosphorus and Levant coastal regions.

Type - landfowl - 
Summer Habitat - Colder areas of W Eurasia, steppes, 
Resident Habitat - Temperate Eurasia, arable farm land, large gardens, parks, 

Order:  Columbiformes
Family: Columbidae
Genus:  Columba

Species...Columba palumbus
Common wood-pigeon - Species -
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Additional Material...
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