Cotton pygmy-goose

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The Cotton pygmy-goose – Nettapus coromandelianus – or Cotton Teal is one of the smallest waterfowl in the world and is widely distributed across the Old World. Its range extends Eastwards from Syria across Southern Asia to the Far East and as far as NE Coasts of Australia. There is also a subspecies widespread across sub Saharan Africa. Previously they were classed as ‘perching ducks’ from their habit of perching high up in trees.

Order:...   Anseriformes
Family:... Anatidae
Genus:.... Nettapus

Species....Nettapus coromandelianus
Cotton pygmy goose - Species sheet -
Cotton pygmy goose - Species -
Cotton pygmy goose - Species data - avibase
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Cotton pygmy goose - Sounds & Maps -

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Cotton pygmy goose - Images - google,com
Cotton pygmy goose - Video - youtube,com
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