Eurasian blackbird

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Eurasian blackbird – Turdus merula – is a larger migratory Eurasian thrush of Type – ground-forager, Family Turdidae and Order Passeriformes. In N Europe and NW Asia it is a summer breeder, over most of W Europe and SW Asia it is resident only on the southern limits of its range does it become a winter visitor. In the AWB Region it is resident in Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the Levant, Cyprus, Sinai, NE Egypt and the N of the Maghreb states. It is a winter visitor over much of Iran, Iraq and Kuwait, and in small areas to N KSA, Cyprus, N coastal areas of Egypt and Libya, and S of the Resident zone in the Maghreb states.

Type - ground-forager - 
Summer Habitat - lowland deciduous wooded areas with undergrowth, hedgerows, parks, gardens,
Winter Habitat - in warmer regions, it is found in wooded areas at higher altitudes, 

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Turdidae
Genus:	Turdus

Species -	Turdus merula
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Eurasian blackbird - Species -
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