Eurasian hoopoe

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The Eurasian hoopoe – Upupa epops is a medium sized species of Type – ground-forager of the Hoopoe Family Upupidae and the Order Bucerotiformes. Until recently all hoopoes were classed as a single family but now they have been divided into three closely related species. It is widely distributed across temperate and warmer areas of Eurasia, the Middle East and N Africa.

Type - ground-forager - usually solitary, 
Nesting Habitat - holes or cavities in trees or walls, cliffs, existing burrows, 
Feeding Habitat - lightly grassed or vegetated open ground to forage, 

Order..: Bucerotiformes
Family : Upupidae
Genus..: Upupa

Species - Upupa epops
Eurasian hoopoe - Species -
Eurasian hoopoe - Species sheet -
Eurasian hoopoe - Bird -
Eurasian hoopoe - Card -
Eurasian hoopoe - Sounds & Maps -

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