Eurasian wryneck

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The Eurasian wryneck – Jynx torquilla is a wryneck of Type – arboreal forager of the Woodpecker Family Picidae and the Order Piciformes. It is highly migratory and is a summer breeder across Eurasia from SW Europe to the Far East Pacific coast, and winters in S Asia and s s N Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to N Central Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. There are small wintering areas in Cyprus and Algeria but the main wintering areas are in the wooded areas of s s N Africa. There is a more extensive resident population across the N Coastal areas of Algeria and Tunisia.

Type - arboreal forager - 
Summer Habitat - Temperate open countryside with trees, woodland, orchards, parks
Winter Habitat - woodland, tropical rain forest, wooded savanna 
Resident Habitat - coastal open areas, palm groves, scattered trees

Order:   Piciformes
Family:  Picidae
Genus:  Jynx

Species - Jynx torquilla
Eurasian wryneck - Species -
Eurasian wryneck - Species sheet -
Eurasian wryneck - Birds -
Eurasian wryneck - Species -
Eurasian wryneck - Sounds & Maps -

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