Peregrine Falcon

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The Peregrine falcon – Falco peregrinus, is a large and widespread bird of prey of the Type – diurnal raptor, the Family Falconidae and the Order Falconiformes. It is the world’s most widespread raptor, being found across all continents from the Arctic Tundra to the Tropics, except for the Polar Regions. It is found widely as a winter visitor or breeding resident, across the AWB Region except in the harshest desert areas.

Type - diurnal raptor - nests on ledges in vertical cliffs, overlooking open country, often near water, 
Summer Habitat - In urban areas, tall buildings, bridges, rock quarries, 
Winter Habitat - frequently hunts waders near wetlands, or coasts,

Order..: Falconiformes
Family.: Falconidae
Genus..: Falco

Species - Falco peregrinus
Peregrine falcon - Species -
Peregrine falcon - Species Sheet - 
Peregrine falcon - Fact Sheet - avibase 
Peregrine falcon - Species -
Peregrine falcon - Range and Calls - 

Additional Material...
Peregrine falcon - Images - 
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