Locustellidae – Grassbirds+

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Locustellidae – Grassbirds+ or Grassbirds and allies are another Family of small passerines containing warblers of Type – insectivore and in the Order Passeriformes. The warblers in this Family are all categorized as warbler2, and are further categorized as warbler and genus, which at the moment they are all ‘warbler Locustella. There are also a few grasshopper-warblers. Others will be added as the AWB List which is currently under development, grows. Worldwide in total there are 11 Genera in Locustellidae.

At the moment Locustellidae contains only one Genus, Locustella. so the Family is categorized as below

Locustellidae - Grassbirds+ contains categories...
                                              warbler Locustella

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