Marmora’s warbler

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Marmora’s warbler – Curruca sarda – is a small resident Euro/African passerine of Type – insectivore, Family Sylviidae and Order Passeriformes. It is resident on Corsica and Sardinia but some make small winter movements to nearby coastal areas of Italy, but the main wintering area is the E end of the N coastal Maghreb states. In the AWB Region the main wintering area is centred on Tunisia with a small extension W into Algeria and a small extension E into NW coastal Libya.

Type - insectivore - 
Typical Habitat - thorny bushes and heather areas, in open country,

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Sylviidae
Genus:	Curruca

Species - Curruca sarda
Marmora's warbler  - Species -
Marmora's warbler  - Species sheet -
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