Rose-ringed parakeet

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The Rose-ringed parakeet – Psittacula krameri is a sedentary, medium sized parakeet of Type – Psittacine, Family Psittaculidae and Order Psittaciformes. It is a bird of India and Africa, but with human help has established itself in many cites and areas across the Middle East and beyond. In the AWB Region it has particularly established itself along many coastal towns and areas of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, the S Levant, the Nile Delta as well as other coastal cities, and also inland cities. In Africa, the natural range is the Sahel corridor across the continent from the Atlantic to Eritrea and Djibouti.

Type - Psittacine - has adapted well to city life, nests in palm trees, buildings, usually in cavities, 
Resident Habitat - grains, seeds, dates, sunflower seeds, farmland, orchards, gardens, palm groves. woodlands, parks,

Order:	Psittaciformes
Family:	Psittaculidae
Genus:	Psittacula

Species -  Psittacula krameri
Rose-ringed parakeet - Species -
Rose-ringed parakeet - Species sheet -
Rose-ringed parakeet - Species -
Rose-ringed parakeet - Species -
Rose-ringed parakeet - Sounds & Maps -

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Rose-ringed parakeet - Images -
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