Spur-winged goose

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The Spur-winged goose – Plectropterus gambensis is a large, generally sedentary waterbird of the Family Anatidae and the Order Anseriformes. It is found in none arid parts of s s Africa, and in the AWB Region it is present from the Sahel Corridor southwards. Note that although it has an English name of goose it is not a typical Northern goose and is classed in a separate sub-family as the Plectropterinae and Genus Plectropterus.

Type - waterbird - 
Resident Habitat - open savanna with shallow freshwater wetlands, large rivers, lakes, swamps, deltas, seasonal 
                               waterholes, avoids arid areas,

Order:	Anseriformes
Family:	Anatidae
Genus:	Plectropterus

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