Wattled starling

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Wattled starling – Creatophora cinerea – is a resident African starling of Type – arboreal-forager, Family Sturnidae and Order Passeriformes. It is found in the Eastern part of s s Africa from Eritrea to Cape Town, although resident it is prone to a certain amount of nomadism in extending its range. In the AWB Region it is resident in Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Eritrea, and as mentioned above it is recorded as Accidental as far away as the UAE. It is the only member of the Genus Creatophora.

Type - arboreal-forager - gregarious, nests in trees or bushes,
Typical Habitat - grasslands, savannas, open woodlands, farmland, rubbish tips, 

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Sturnidae
Genus:	Creatophora

Species -	Creatophora cinerea
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