Zosteropidae – White-eyes+

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Zosteropidae – White-eyes+ is a Family of small passerines of Type – tit-like, and Order Passeriformes. They are named after a characteristic ring of white feathers around their eyes, they have a wide range and are typically found in tropical and sub-tropical forests in s s Africa, S and SE Asia and Australia. They are gregarious outside of the breeding season.

Type - tit-like is defined below...
It is a type of small attractive passerine that superficially looks as though it could be placed in the more common tit family Paridae.

Zosteropidae - White-eyes+ Contains the following categories...

At the moment there still remains some confusion about the number of White-eye species there are. This comes to a head in Comoros, according to the latest Clements Classification there are 5 species in Comoros, 4 of them endemic, but there still authorities grouping many of them as one species, and many web sites giving the impression that there is only 1 species. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon, the link  below gives an idea of the current situation. 

White-eyes - avibase 


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