African cuckoo

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African cuckoo – Cuculus gularis – is a medium sized cuckoo that seasonally migrates within s s Africa, it is of Type – cuckoidal, Family Cuculidae, and Order Cuculiformes. It prefers savannas with scattered Acacia trees and open woodlands. In the AWB Region. It migrates and breeds in the wet season but there is a belt from W Africa to Ethiopia where it remains resident. In the AWB Region it breeds across the Sahel Belt during the wet season in the southern areas of Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad and Sudan.

Type - cuckoidal - migrates to breed during the wet season,
Typical Habitat - savannas with scattered Acacia trees, open woodlands, 

Order:	Cuculiformes
Family:	Cuculidae
Genus:	Cuculus

Species -	Cuculus gularis
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