Ashy drongo

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Ashy Drongo – Dicrurus leucophaeus – is a mid-sized Asiatic Passerine of Type – sallyer, Family Dicruridae and Order Passeriformes. It has various resident and migratory populations spread over S and SE Asia, the closest to the AWB Region is the wintering population in W India, and it is only Accidental to the AWB Region.

Type - sallyer - 
Summer Habitat - hills and mountain chains of S and SE Asia
Winter Habitat - across the plains and hills of India 

Order:	Passeriformes
Family:	Dicruridae
Genus:	Dicrurus

Species -	Dicrurus leucophaeus
Ashy Drongo - Species -
Ashy Drongo - Species sheet -
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Ashy Drongo - Species -
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