Bonelli’s Eagle

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Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata), is a large Raptor of the Family Accipitridae. It is mainly a resident breeder, discontinuously right across Eurasia from Portugal to SE China and Indonesia. In the AWB Region it is resident in the Middle East, N Africa and the Maghreb, but during winter there is some partial dispersion, however there is a partial winter movement down the coasts of Western Sahara and Mauritania.

Type….. Raptor
Habitat summer: Scrubland in warm mountainous areas, open arid areas with occasional trees, nests in cliffs, rarely trees
Habitat winter: Lowlands, wetlands

Order..: Accipitriformes
Family.: Accipitridae
Genus..: Aquila

Species; Aquila fasciata
Bonelli’s Eagle – Species Fact File –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Species Sheet –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Species Sheet –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Species Fact Sheet –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Range & calls –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Sightings –

Additional Material…
Bonelli’s Eagle – Images –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Video –
Bonelli’s Eagle – Redlist status –

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