Brown-necked Raven

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The Brown-necked Raven – Corvus ruficollis is a large member of the Crow family Corvidae and the Order Passeriformes, it is of Type – ground forager. It has an extensive resident range right across Northern Africa, The Middle East The Arabian Peninsular, Iran and into Kazakhstan . It lives in desert and semi-desert habitats with occasional palm groves and oases.

Type - ground forager - omnivore 
Resident Habitat - Deserts, semi-deserts, with occasional palm groves oases and electricity pylons

Order..: Passeriformes
Family.: Corvidae
Genus..: Corvus

Species - Corvus ruficollis
Brown-necked Raven - Species -
Brown-necked Raven - Species sheet -
Brown-necked Raven - Species - avibase
Brown-necked Raven - Species -
Brown-necked Raven - Sounds & Maps -

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Brown-necked Raven - Images -
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