Indian House Crow

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The Indian House Crow – Corvus splendens is a medium sized slim crow, that is native across southern Asia from Pakistan to Bangladesh, more recently it has expanded, with human assistance, around the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, East Africa and elsewhere, where it favours coastal human settlements. It is of Type ground-forager and is omnivorous in its food tastes and is in the Family Corvidae and Order Passeriformes

Type - ground-forager - omnivorous, coastal human settlements, 
Resident Habitat - coastal towns and villages with harbours, palm groves for communal roosting sites, plantations,   

Order .: Passeriformes
Family : Corvidae
Genus..: Corvus

Species - Corvus splendens
Indian House Crow - Species -
Indian House Crow - Data Sheet -
Indian House Crow - Fact File - 
Indian House Crow - Species -
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Indian House Crow - Images -
Indian House Crow - Video -
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