Common Buttonquail

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Common buttonquail or Small buttonquail or Andalusian hemipode – Turnix sylvaticus, is a small resident ground bird (similar but unrelated to the true Quails) of Type – landfowl, the Family Turnicidae and the Order Charadriiformes. It is very widely distributed from southern Spain across most of sub-Saharan Africa, and most of the Oriental biogeographic zone, but is largely absent from most of North Africa and the Middle East, except for Morocco and some small isolated areas in SW Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Type - landfowl - nests on the ground sheltered by tufts of taller grass,
Resident Habitat - open grassland, scrubland with scattered trees, farmland, semi-desert low scrub,

Order..: Charadriiformes - seems to be unclear at the moment
Family.: Turnicidae
Genus.. Turnix

Species - Turnix sylvaticus
Common buttonquail - Species -
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Common buttonquail - Species -
Common buttonquail - Species - indianbirds
Common buttonquail - Sounds & Maps -

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