Common merganser

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The Common merganser – Mergus merganser or Goosander, is a large Holarctic diving seaduck of Type – waterbird, Family Anatidae and Order Anseriformes. It is a summer breeder to the wetlands of the Boreal forests of the northern hemisphere, and migrates S to winter in more temperate regions. In the AWB Region it winters in isolated wetlands of Turkey and the Caspian Sea coastal areas of Azerbaijan and NW Iran.

Type - waterbird - sawbill, piscivorous, nests in tree cavities in mature Boreal forests
Summer Habitat - lakes, rivers of mature Boreal forests, above the tree line sometimes cavities in crags and cliffs,
Winter Habitat - wetlands, coastal areas, 

Order:	Anseriformes
Family:	Anatidae
Genus:	Mergus

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 Common merganser - Species -
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