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The Eurasian hobby – Falco subbuteo is a small, Type – diurnal-raptor species of the Falcons+ Family Falconidae and the Order Falconiformes. It has an extensive Old World Range from sub-Arctic Eurasia to S Africa and from SW Europe to the Far East. It is strongly migratory with three main wintering areas in SE Asia, India, and sub-equatorial Africa. In the AWB Region it is a summer breeder to the Maghreb states, the Levant, Turkey, the S Caucasus and Iran. In Africa there are two main flyways one mostly from Europe through the Maghreb states following the Atlantic coast and the other covering the broader passage from E Europe and Central Asia over the Middle East and Arabia to converge on the Red Sea/Nile Valley Flyway to the wintering area in southern Africa.

Type - diurnal-raptor - uses old tree nests of other birds, in hedgerows or woodland margins with good all round                     
Summer Habitat - open country, farmland, marshes, steppes, savannas,
Winter Habitat - As above but activity is more crepuscular,

Order:	Falconiformes
Family:	Falconidae
Genus:	Falco

Species - Falco subbuteo
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