Eurasian Wigeon

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The Eurasian Wigeon (Mareca penelope) is a species of dabbling duck. It breeds right across the far Northern limits of the Palearctic from Iceland to the Fat East and winters in more Temperate areas further South. In the AWB Region, it winters along the Southern coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the NW Coasts of Africa, and intermittently West to East across the Sahel Region. But the largest wintering range is between the Nile Valley and the Red Sea from Alexandria to Lake Victoria. Also there are a few small areas in Western Turkey, the Southern Caspian region and Southern Iraq.

Order:... Anseriformes
Family:. Anatidae
Genus:.. Mareca

Species...Mareca penelope
Eurasian Wigeon - Species sheet -
Eurasian Wigeon - Species -
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