Horned grebe

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The Horned grebe – Podiceps auritus or Slavonian grebe is a small Holarctic diving species of Type – waterbird, Family Podicipedidae and Order Podicipediformes. It is a migratory species and winters in Temperate coastal areas. In the AWB Region it winters oh the Black Sea coastal areas of Georgia and the S Caspian Sea coastal area of Iran.

Type - waterbird - nests in emergent vegetation in the margins of marshy open waters,
Summer Habitat - shallow freshwater ponds, lakes, marshes, with emergent vegetation in Boreal and Temperate areas,
Passage Habitat - marshes, lakes, rivers,
Winter Habitat - marine coastal areas, 

Order:	Podicipediformes
Family:	Podicipedidae
Genus:	Podiceps

Species - Podiceps auritus 
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