Red-billed tropicbird

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The Red-billed tropicbird – Phaethon aethereus is a medium sized tropical seabird which has a very long tail and is in the family Phaethontidae. Apart from the long tail, it looks quite similar to a tern and is found in the tropical seas of E Pacific, S Caribbean, Equatorial Atlantic and NW Indian Ocean. In the AWB Region it is found offshore from S Mauritania and breeds in the Cape Verde Islands. It is also found in the waters around the Arabian Peninsular from the Horn of Africa to NW India. In the Red Sea it breeds on a few isolated coastal areas of NE Egypt and on the southern islands between Eritrea and Yemen as well as in the Comoros Islands. It also breeds on isolated coastal areas of Yemen and Oman from the Bab Al Mandab to both sides of the Straits of Hormuz.

Order:   Phaethontiformes
Family:  Phaethontidae
Genus:   Phaethon

Species - Phaethon aethereus 
Red-billed tropicbird - Species -
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Red-billed tropicbird - info -
Red-billed tropicbird - Sounds & Maps -

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