White-tailed lapwing

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The White-tailed lapwing – Vanellus leucurus is a medium sized species of Type – Wader of the family Charadriidae and the Order Charadriiformes. It is a Central Asiatic summer breeder which migrates to India, the Middle East and Africa in the winter. There are resident populations in S and SW Iran which merge into S and E Iraq with a small resident area around the Dammam/al Khobar area. The main wintering area is E and S Sudan for which there is a noticeable Passage through the Levant and the Nile Valley.

Type - wader - nests in small groups,
Summer Habitat - inland freshwater marshes,
Winter Habitat - wetlands with dense vegetation cover, 

Order:  Charadriiformes
Family: Charadriidae
Genus:  Vanellus

Species...Vanellus leucurus
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