Brown noddy

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The Brown noddy – Anous stolidus is a migratory species of Type – seabird and is the largest noddy, it is found in all the world’s Tropical Oceans, is in the family Laridae and the Order Charadriiformes. It is a colonial breeder on isolated cliffs or islands with trees and shrubs, outside the breeding season areas where it is resident, it can also be found at sea in the Tropical Oceans. In the AWB Region it has resident populations in, the Straits of Hormuz, several isolated headlands in Oman, the Horn of Africa, Socotra and offshore in the S Red Sea coasts of SW Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Eritrea.

Type - seabird - colonial breeder, nests on cliffs, small trees, shrubs,
Breeding Habitat - Tropical small islands, islets,
Winter Habitat - Offshore Tropical waters, 

Order:  Charadriiformes
Family: Laridae
Genus:  Anous

Species...Anous stolidus
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