Cinereous Vulture

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Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus), is a very large raptor of the Family Accipitridae. It is found widely dispersed over the mountainous regions of Eurasia, extending from Portugal across southern Europe, the more Temperate Middle East, across SW Asia to Mongolia and beyond. It is largely resident, but some altitudinal movements are known to occur, particulary in the foothills of the Himalayas and the Sindhi environs.

Order..: Accipitriformes
Family.: Accipitridae
Genus..: Aegypius

Species: Aegypius monachus
Cinereous Vulture – Species Sheet –
Cinereous Vulture – Species Sheet –
Cinereous Vulture – Species Facts –
Cinereous Vulture – Range and Calls –
Cinereous Vulture – Sightings –

Additional Material…
Cinereous Vulture – Images –
Cinereous Vulture – Action Plan for Europe –

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