Eurasian coot

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The Eurasian coot – Fulica atra or Common coot is a larger species of Type – marshfowl, the Family Rallidae and the Order Gruiformes. It is widely distributed across Eurasia, Northern Africa and Australasia. In the AWB Region it is a breeding summer visitor to The South Caucasus, and in The N Maghreb states, Cyprus and The Nile Delta it is resident. Elsewhere in The Middle East and Arabia it is sporadically resident or winter visitor in suitable habitats, Its main wintering areas are Algeria, N Coastal Libya, The Nile Valley, and S Mali & S Niger.

Type - marshfowl - bulky nest is built in shallow water from vegetation, usually concealed in vegetation,
Habitat - freshwater ponds, lakes, reservoirs, slow rivers,

Order:  Gruiformes
Family: Rallidae
Genus:  Fulica

Species...Fulica atra
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