Flesh-footed shearwater

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The Flesh-footed shearwater – Ardenna carneipes is a medium/large shearwater of Type – seabird. of the Family Procellariidae and the Order Procellariiformes. It is widely found across the N and S Pacific Oceans as well as the Indian Ocean. It has two main breeding areas, Islands in the SW Pacific and Islands off the W Coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean. Outside of the breeding season it ranges widely in both Oceans. In the AWB Region it occurs over the Arabian Sea but with very little penetration into the Gulf of Aden or the Gulf of Oman, where it is only found Accidentally in UAE Waters.

Type - seabird - colonial, 
Summer Habitat - islands of the SW Pacific and SE Indian oceans, 
Winter Habitat - pelagic across the Indian and N Pacific oceans, keeps well offshore, 

Order:   Procellariiformes
Family:  Procellariidae
Genus:  Ardenna

Species - Ardenna carneipes
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