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The family Laridae – Gulls+ or Laridae – Gulls, Terns, Noddies and Skimmers is a large family of small/medium to large species of Type – seabird of the Order Charadriiformes. Gulls are generally the largest of the subfamilies and are typically grey above and white below and tend to be known to as scavengers. The Terns are usually smaller and more finely developed with long pointed wings and a much more graceful flight. The Noddies look similar to the Terns but are generally more darker coloured and are more Tropical in their distribution. The Skimmers are the most specialised feeders and have a more graceful build like the Terns, but have an elongated lower bill and a special feeding flight close to the water surface where the lower bill skims through the water until it senses prey and then snaps the two bills together to catch the prey. More about the Kittiwakes can be found here.

Laridae - Gulls+ contains the following sub-families...

Below gives a few glimpses at the sub-families.

Greater black-backed and Herring Gulls nesting -
Gulls - RSPCA -

Common v Arctic Tern - BTO -
Arctic Tern migration - EOL -

Brown Noddy -
Black Noddy -

African skimmers - Wild Nature -
Black skimmer feeding -

Kittiwake and other Small Gulls - BTO -
Kittiwakes -
Sooty Gull breeding at Sir Abu Nair Island UAE -

BTO Bird ID - Adult black-backed gulls

How to ID Gulls - Part 1

How to ID Gulls - part 2 Common Gull

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